About Us

We are a Southern Baptist Church located in Madisonville, Tennessee.  We love worshiping God, studying the Word, serving the community, and making disciples. We invite you to attend our church where we hope you will feel welcomed, loved, and encouraged.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I found a 1982 church directory and was wondering if you would like to have it. Do I mail it to the church address or a post office box?


    1. We support some local programs for this kind of assistance. Please reach to them.

      Homeless Coalition. 423-442-4143.

      If school children are involved call the Family Resource Center 423-442-7971.

      For help with food, electric bills, etc., call Douglas Cherokee 423-442-3769 or the Good Shepherd Center 423-420-8888.

      God bless


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