Our History

The first known date of existence of Rocky Springs Baptist Church was the 4th Friday in September 1828. Rocky Springs Baptist Church, which was called New Hopewell at this time, was reported as a member of the Hiwassee Baptist Association at its annual meeting in September 1828 with several other churches in the local community. When the Sweetwater Baptist Association was organized in 1830, New Hopewell was a charter member of the Association.

New Hopewell Baptist Church was located adjacent to the Prospect Cemetery about a mile east of the present Rocky Springs Baptist Church location. Land for the present site was purchased from a Methodist church and Rocky Springs School. The church agreed to build a new church building on March 30th, 1890. The new building was erected at the present site in 1894. The name New Hopewell was changed to Rocky Springs by action of the church on February 3, 1895. The first building on the present site burned on May 21, 1927. The church convened in the Greenhill School building until another building was built. The next building was entered on September 23, 1928. The first service held in the present building was March 15, 1964. From that time until now, the church has had two additions to the existing building and a sanctuary renovation in 2008.